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National Pain

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National Definition of Palliative Care:

In the first sentence of the unauthorized CDC guidelines, they excluded "people under palliative care".  Palliative care is a simple concept.  If you cannot treat the disease directly, you treat the symptoms.  For 10 million people with permanent painful disease, this is the case.  Our project is to get it defined and put into legislation or regulation.  


Why has this not been put into effect? 99% of doctors think this means you're going to die within the next several months. That's not what palliative care is, and if it were adopted as a national definition, it would protect 99% of the 10 million people who need to take daily opiates for their permanent painful diseases.

We like our active members to volunteer for projects that sound interesting to them.  We need Lots of help!  So look down the list of projects and let us know via email at:

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