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Prescription Fill Bill

The pharmacist-prescriber medication treatment team has been torn asunder with the nationally-led attempts by informal regulation by CDC and CMS, falsely believing prescribed opiate substances and opiate addiction are in a correlative and quantitative relationship- which they are not.  We know this because increases in prescriptions have neither increased overdose deaths nor addiction rates. In fact, although prescription rates have declined, overdose deaths and addiction rates have skyrocketed.


 Pharmacists have been unduly pressured by the federal government and state governments to adhere to the principle of more prescriptions equal more addictions. This is government policy not the policy of any medical organization. It is a good example of interference of government in the doctor-patient and pharmacist patient relationships.


 The disaster that has occurred will go down in history.  Pharmacists must be protected Physicians must be protected impatience must be protected by preserving the right of pharmacists being able to fill prescriptions written by prescribers.  Both professions believe that a law requiring all valid prescriptions be filled but at the same time  honoring the pharmacists important responsibility to question and put on temporary hold any prescriptions for which there is cause. The physician and pharmacist then take Joint responsibility by filing a no fill report with the State Pharmacy Board with the patient and with both physician and pharmacist.

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