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National Pain



Mission Statement:
To provide equity in the treatment of all diseases for all patients.


NPC is a citizen's group with no ties to any university, drug company, corporate entity, or government entity, operating solely independently to provide facts, write papers in support for legislative change to reverse the worst medical disaster in the history of the United States where millions of people with valid permanent painful diseases have been removed from their medical treatments at the government's urging, backed by the federal police force.

About Us:

NPC- individual members and affiliates operate independently under the umbrella of the supportive community of fellow citizens intimately involved with and many harmed by seriously flubbed government and consulting group fears of addiction phobia.


NPC is composed of ordinary citizens: citizens with permanent painful disease and intractable pain syndrome, lawyers, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nurse practitioners, nurses, educators, media experts, policy specialists, and investigative reporters.


The goal for the National Pain Council is to put a halt to the CDC’s frighteningly  dangerous guidelines, and to attempt to restore confidence in the medical community, that they can prescribe pain medicine for people in pain, as they’ve done for hundreds of years-without fear of retribution from state medical boards, and the Department of Justice with its Federal drug police force. 


Our goal is to provide factual, unbiased information, not tainted by outside pressures, and to put this information out for people to use in any way they wish. None of the materials produced by NPC will be copyrighted and will be available to anyone who wishes to use them.

Advising Members:


The National Pain Council utilizes professionals and leaders within the Chronic Pain Community to craft policies, position papers, and projects.  With their experience and our resources, together we work toward the National Pain Council's Goals.

Interested in joining National Pain Council?  Contact Us

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