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National Pain

Council Goals:


Development of consensus painful disease treatment  “Standards of Care” authored exclusively by licensed practitioners in the United States.

  1. Standards of care for any profession should come directly from the professionals to which they apply. 

  2. standards of care or a state issue as interpreted by the 10th constitutional amendment and should originate from either the medical society’s or the medical boards never the federal government

  3. standards of care are never to be interpreted as absolute but as guidance

  4. statutes or policies sanctioning physicians must have waivers for all standards of care and special circumstances of patient variability

  5. standards of care are so critical As to lead to the possibility of sanctions they must be codified by state law And have a 50% approval rating amongst licensed physicians in the state

We like our active members to volunteer for projects that sound interesting to them.  We need Lots of help!  So look down the list of projects and let us know via email at:

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