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National Pain

Council Goals:


Sharpen Federal Drug Police role in assisting with the delivery of proper medical care for all those in the United States with painful conditions, while apprehending unlicensed opiate product sellers avoiding income taxes on the illegal sale of controlled substances.


  1. Investigate and publish law enforcement-medical interface services to move away from the criminal model and back to the medical model prior to the Harrison Act of 1915. 

  2. Programs to safely assist law enforcement in apprehending tax evading unlicensed drug sellers

  3. Programs to decrease false positive law enforcement of innocent persons with valid painful disease currently 99% of those prescribed opioid pain medication intervention programs. 

  1. Drug police should send certified letters requesting records instead of conducting regulatory raids.

  2. Form 104 “voluntary surrender” needs legal council to sign as a witness. 

  3. 1306 need clarification  with examples 

  4. 21 USC 841 needs clarification and examples of criminal vs bad practice.

  5. No agency should have both regulatory and enforcement functions in our system of separation of powers. 

  6. The necessity of a separate narcotic license needs to be reviewed by Congress. 

We like our active members to volunteer for projects that sound interesting to them.  We need Lots of help!  So look down the list of projects and let us know via email at:

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